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Things to keep in mind when testing a custom or 3rd party design for SharePoint

Oktober 23rd, 2010 Posted in Branding, SharePoint
Some weeks ago I got a custom SharePoint design for testing. The design was implemented using a custom master page, some css files and an Office Theme file (thmx). At the first glance, the design looked great. So I decided to deploy it and show the design to colleagues. After some more testing it turned out that the design looked a bit different on nearly every browser and in each browser something different didn’t work properly.
Here’s a list of bugs that occured in the custom design I tested. It might help you to test your own custom or 3rd party design:

Scrolling behavior

The scrolling behavior depends on the ribbon tab. Sometimes the ribbon is scrolls with the content and sometimes it stays on top of the screen. Some master page or css modifications can change this behavior.

Wiki bracket features

There’s a wiki feature that lets you pick a page when you enter two brackets “[[“. Some master page modifications can break this feature, eg. modifying the element id “s4-workspace” into something else. Reason for this is a java script function that is looking for the element “s4-workspace”. If this element cannot be found, an exception pops up.

Wiki page history feature

The page history feature allows you to compare the current page version with previous versions. You also can restore previous versions. Some master page modifications can break this feature. In our case this feature broke if there were more than 1 version.

Colorings of texts

The theming enging is a nice and powerful but tricky feature. Be careful with making changes to the css files. Some texts might change their color if a theme is applied.

Silverlight mouse click positions

We added some silverlight components to SharePoint. Using Firefox version < 3.6.x the mouse click didn’t happen under the mouse cursor. The click event was raised about 200 pixels to the upper left.

Visibility of controls

Modifications to the master page or css file may result in the disapprearance of controls like the search box.

Different site templates

Different site templates use different master pages. Some of these do not support modifying them in the site collection settigs. Use a custom feature or the SharePoint designer in that case.
  • Enterprise wiki
  • Team site
  • My site
  • Enterprise search center

Different browsers

We found behavior differences between the following browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Internet Explorer 9 beta
  • Firefox 3.5.x
  • Firefox 3.6.x
  • Iron/Chrome
  • Safari for Mac
  • Safari for Windows
So be prepared and keep these aspects in mind if you create your own SharePoint design or buy a 3rd party one.

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