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SharePoint navigation: Quick launch vs. Navigation

Januar 7th, 2011 Posted in SharePoint

In this article I’ll write about some notes on how quick launch configuration differences between publishing and collaboration sites in SharePoint 2010.

If you navigate to the site settings the “Look and Feel” section you will see that there are different options available between collaboration and publishing sites.

Look and feel options of a publishing site (enterprise wiki):

Look and feel options of a collaboration site (team site):

On collaboration sites there is a link named “Quick launch” and on publishing sites there a link named “Navigation”.

The “Quick launch” configuration on collaboration sites is straight forward; you can add headings and links and modify the order.

Many users report to us that they would like to open links in new windows what seems not to be possible in team sites. Well it is, I’ll come back on this at the end of this post.

Now let’s have a look at the navigation option on publishing sites.

First of all, it looks totally different but we have a lot more options here. We can inherit navigation from above and we can configure both the global and the current navigation.

In addition it is possible to open links in a new window:

If the collaboration site is a sub site of a publishing site it inherits the configuration tool from above and offers the same tool like the publishing site. If we want to make the publishing navigation features available in a collaboration site collection, we just have to activate the publishing infrastructure feature on the site collection.

One Response to “SharePoint navigation: Quick launch vs. Navigation”

  1. Josh Lyon Says:

    Good article. The literature that Microsoft provides on the quick-launch can be a bit confusing since it’s referred to as the “Current Navigation” when you’re on a publishing site… it seems like the ‘quick launch’ and ‘current navigation’ are essentially the same thing, but with more features under the publishing sites. It just seems like they made things more confusing than they needed to be.

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