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What to do if SharePoint throws “500 Internal Server Error”?

Mai 28th, 2009 Posted in SharePoint

Yesterday we added a new server to the SharePoint farm. When calling a site over that new server we got an 500 Internal Server Error. There was no entry in the EventLog and even no information in the server log files. We wer trying lots of things but nothing got better. So what could we do to get more information?

We changed the diagnostics logging level from Unexpected to Verbose:

Diagnostics Logging Level

(Central Administration > Operations > Diagnistic Logging)

Then we recalled the website and finally got an error in the log files:

"Cannot make a cache safe URL for "init.js", file not found.
Please verify that the file exists under the layouts directory."

The file is part of every language pack so in our case we did not install a language pack on the new server that is used by the site.

Although this is a simple option to get more error information it’s forgotten or overseen very often.


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